Children & Families

The MSAV recognizes the strain that this disease can put on a family, in many directions.  We have several family friendly events each year at little to no cost to bring families together and offer education, bonding time, and bring a little laughter and fun into their lives.  Having these breaks can be critical for relieving the stress of everyday life.  These sites offer additional information that could be helpful:

For parents and adults who need to figure out how to talk to their children about their MS:  Telling Kids About Multiple Sclerosis

Resources for Kids and Teens:  Resources for Kids and Teens (Massachusetts General)  This page has email groups and online discussion groups for teens who have MS or have a parent with MS.  It is a way for them to connect with others in their age group.

The MS Society has a Family Matters section dedicated to those who love and care for the person diagnosed with MS.  This affects everyone, not just the person with the disease.  It is important for the entire support system to have resources available to answer their questions, concerns and fears in a confidential setting.