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Why Get A Proclamation?

A way to engage your elected and public officials while also raising public awareness of Multiple Sclerosis is to obtain a ‘March is MS Awareness Month’ proclamation from your city or state. Proclamations are formal declarations issued by a person of authority and generally presented directly to an organization such as the MSAV. 

An official proclamation for a cause can be a good way to bring awareness to an issue and encourage people to get involved. There are several reasons why a proclamation can be effective in raising awareness. Read more here…


Traveling With Disabilities Committee

Dear MSAV,

We would like to start a travel committee and we are asking you if you would be interested and willing to join this committee to work on group travel opportunities for the MSAV, and to provide a basic travel planning tool you can use for your own travel.  Our goals are to involve members of the MSAV directly in our trip planning – to design adventures that go beyond minimum accessibility requirements and to truly enhance the travel experience for members (and families) of all abilities. Read more HERE.


How To Get a Proclamation

Join Denise Ellis this coming Wednesday and Thursday, February 21st and 22nd online as she walks us through the process of getting a March is MS Awareness Month Proclamation from your municipality.  Wednesday February 21 - 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm Thursday February 22 -...

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Voice-Enhancing Device

Over the past few years, my verbal communication skills have slowly diminished. My diagnosis has had negative impact on my speech. The muscles in my mouth and throat have become extremely weak, increasing my inability to speak clearly. Most times, early in the day, I...

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Our Mission Statement

Provide programs, events, activities and services for people living with MS in Southwest Virginia and the surrounding areas, including veterans.

Educate and empower people with MS, their care partners, friends and family. We will guide people to organizations that may be able to assist with their needs.

Contribute to awareness in the community, including educational programs to young people, first responders and community organizations.

Encourage and expand support groups to include assisted-living facilities, homebound people and help others start upbeat groups like ours.

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