Regina’s Ride 2024

Fatigue and Quality of Life Workshop June 19

Certified Wellness Coach Hannah Borny will hold a Fatigue and Quality of Life Workshop at the MS Alliance office in Salem on Wednesday, June 19th. Understanding fatigue in the context of multiple sclerosis (MS) can significantly enhance one's quality of life. First...

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Floyd MS Support & Educational Group June 13

The Floyd MS Support & Educational Group is a vibrant community of individuals affected by multiple sclerosis (MS) and their loved ones. The group provides a safe and supportive environment for members to connect, share experiences, and learn from one another. The...

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Mountain Empire MS Support Group Annual Picnic June 8

Get excited because the Mountain Empire MS Support Group's annual picnic is back on June 8th, 2023! Mark your calendars, clear your schedules, and gather your best picnic gear. We're gonna have a blast from 1:00 PM to 4:30 PM at NorthStar Church (1145 King Mill Pike,...

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May 30 is World MS Day

World MS Day was first initiated in 2009 by the MS International Federation (MSIF) and its member organizations. It takes place on May 30th every year and aims to: Raise awareness: Increase global understanding of multiple sclerosis (MS), its impact on individuals and...

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Our Mission Statement

Provide programs, events, activities and services for people living with MS in Southwest Virginia and the surrounding areas, including veterans.

Educate and empower people with MS, their care partners, friends and family. We will guide people to organizations that may be able to assist with their needs.

Contribute to awareness in the community, including educational programs to young people, first responders and community organizations.

Encourage and expand support groups to include assisted-living facilities, homebound people and help others start upbeat groups like ours.

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