MS Alliance of Virginia

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The Mission of the Multiple Sclerosis Alliance of Virginia

  • Provide programs, events, activities and services for people living with MS in Southwest Virginia and the surrounding areas, including Veterans.
  • Educate and empower people with MS, their care partners, friends and family.  We will guide people to organizations that can assist people with their needs.
  • Contribute to awareness in the community, including educational programs to young people, first responders and community organizations.
  • Encourage and expand support groups to include assisted living facilities, homebound people and help others start upbeat groups in their area.


Roanoke Valley MS Support Group Meeting
Thursday, October 28
Time: 6:30 p.m.

Topic: Pelvic Floor Therapy 

Chris Schroeder, retired physical therapist, will be discussing Pelvic Floor Therapy. One of the many benefits of this therapy is that it can help improve bladder and bowel control. The pelvic floor muscles provide several crucial functions such as pelvic organ support, bladder and bowel control and sexual function.

Join Zoom Meeting:

Zoom Meeting Room ID#7127679497

Or call in using: 1-312-626-6799 or 1-929-205-6099

ALWAYS – Confirm upcoming Events and Meetings by
Visiting our Website or call 540-404-2243.


Keshon Artis is a two-time first team all-state linebacker and 2016 6A South Region Player of the Year. He finished his senior season with 103 tackles, 15.0 sacks, 39 tackles for loss, six forced fumbles and two pass break ups. He was Coached by Scott Johnson at Oscar Smith High School, where he was the 2017 Southeastern District Defensive Player of the Year.  Keshon represented the United States on the U19 National Team in the 2018 International Bowl IX.

With the Hokies, in 2020, Keshon played in seven games, posting two tackles on special teams.  He wore Coach Beamers No.25 jersey at the Louisville game.

Keshon Leander Artis, from Chesapeake, VA, is the son of Leander Artis III and Keisha Artis.  His mother, Keisha, and two of Keshon’s aunts live with Multiple Sclerosis. As Ambassador of the Multiple Sclerosis Alliance of Virginia (MSAV) he plans to increase MS awareness and help raise necessary funds for programs and services in underserved Southwest Virginia and surrounding areas.  The MSAV is a 100% volunteer, 501c3 non-profit located in the Roanoke Area MS Center (RAMS) Salem.

Keshon’s marketing representative, Terence Tarrer, reached out to the MSAV to facilitate this new partnership. Visit our website at to follow Keshon’s journey and learn how you can participate, support and/or donate to local programs and services for people living with multiple sclerosis.

Radford University is conducting a study about activity levels and exercise performance through interviews with individuals diagnosed with MS in the Roanoke and surrounding areas.
If interested, please complete the short survey (linked below) regarding your current activity level. Completing the survey does
not require you to participate in the interview. Click this link: Radford PT Survey


MS Stages: What to Expect

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Understanding Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a progressive, immune-mediated disorder. That means the system designed to keep your body healthy mistakenly attacks parts of your body that aren’t harmful. The protective coverings of nerve cells are damaged, which leads to diminished...

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Pediatric Multiple Sclerosis: What You Need to Know

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Real-World Study Shows MS Patients Have High Infection Risks

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Suzanne’s  Adventure

My dearest MS friends,  

How often does the word “unpredictable” play into your daily life? Go ahead, I can hear you thinking……. duh……every day! I decided I am going to “out-unpredictable” (I just invented that word) multiple sclerosis because it was starting to win the battle and I know I am greater than it is! How about you?  

In a nutshell! I am 1 of 40 female veterans in the US chosen to attend a Woman’s Veterans Empowerment Conference in Tempe Arizona, now on its 3rd reschedule due to Covid (I am going to give it less emphasis). I was struggling with fatigue, vision and mostly my legs but still planned to go. Did the new wheelchair help….NO! Did my new age of 70 make a difference…NO!  

I decided it was time to outsmart MS and make it a road trip and I am on my way. I left Floyd County, Virginia Wednesday September 22, stopped at Sharon and dons house just to set the theme unpredictable and am heading west on route 40 driving as much each day as possible. I will share my journey more if you are interested but for now, I have another project I need your help with please.  

With such unpredictable lives, what is more predictable than Holidays? Even so, we all seem to get all stressed when they roll around, right? Here is another opportunity to outsmart our MS pattern, the unpredictable. We are working on COOKBOOK #2, Holidays. Please send in your holiday recipes, tips, crafts, survival secrets and anything else you want to send to be a part a holiday edition- how do you survive the holidays? Let us help each other through (for example) Thanksgiving- I am always thankful when I remember to get all the “stuff” out of the middle of the turkey before I cook it, have you ever done that, yuk? 

Christmas does not have to be the overworked, overpriced nightmare so many make it- hey, that’s Halloween! Include it too! And 4th July, Easter, Valentine’s Day, every holiday you celebrate.  

Send your ideas in ASAP, yes…. take a break today and dig through your fun book or box and pull out your special treats or crafts and send them to us at: with a little story about their origin, how you happened upon it. We will include the best ideas that are sent before September 30. We plan to have this book ready to deliver before November.…. see, we are already helping with your Holiday Shopping- inside we will talk about the MS Alliance, a bit about Multiple Sclerosis to help your loved ones better understand MS (you know those things you always wished YOU could tell them!) and add cheer to the lives of all who read it. But remember YOU are the author, so have fun with this project! And send in soon, we want and NEED your help. Anyone can send in ideas- caregivers, family, friends, heck- even strangers- it is for awareness, to raise money and fun!  

Also, visit the MS Alliance website every day for updates on the Predictable MS Holiday Cooking & Craft book, upcoming events and more 

Many hugs, 



Good morning from New Mexico I’m not even sure where I am I believe it’s a little town called Grants New Mexico and I ended up here because I got closer to Albuquerque and the roads changed into mountains and I could see a storm off in the distance and there was lots of traffic and the exits were really strange and there was construction on the highway and so I wanted to get through Albuquerque and so I did and guess what? once you get through Albuquerque there’s no hotels if you don’t know anything about me you probably know I’m a hotel snob… I got that honestly, and honestly it is not a bad way to go usually because if you stay at a charming hotel is usually nice perks so I kept driving and I could not find a room and it started pouring down rain and the craziest wildest lightning ever seen in my life! Fireworks lightening! so, I got where I was traveling with a truck so I stayed with him if I could and then I saw sign that said grants, sounds like y kind of town……. we like grants, right? and then I saw sign that said Best Western……. ok, I can stay at a BW! I am not going to say the worst hotel but…. I have been laughing ever since I got here! it reminded me of Kristi I took in my own blankets and pillows! it is just not my favorite room, looks like it is clean and believe me I have looked in every corner and every crevice. I did get some good sleep; they would not take the coupon, but I was too tired to look further so I paid $100 for a $39.00 room! so yesterday I push my limit, but I am good. I love you guys oh I forgot to say that when the air conditioner kicks on and it has no rhyme or reason it sounds like a plane taking off and took about four plane take offs for me to be able to sleep through it – but I did, no choice! 
Organization time, repacking for next leg of journey. More updates to come.


Opening night of the Women Veterans Empowerment Retreat 2021- Native American Drumming Circle in Honor of Lori Piestewa, a member of the Hopi tribe, Piestewa was the first Native American woman to die in combat while serving in the U.S. military and the first woman in the U.S. military killed in the Iraq War. 


What a Great Conference here in Tempe Arizona now it is time for the next leg of my Journey Los Angeles bound and down. Its 99 degrees today I hope it cools down some. More later from the road. 


Roanoke Valley MS Support Group Meeting

Roanoke Valley MS Support Group Meeting
Thursday, October 28
Time: 6:30 p.m.

Mountain Empire MS Support Group Meeting

Mountain Empire MS Support Group Meeting
Saturday, November 6
Time: 3:30 to 7:00p.m.

MS Alliance Meeting for Support

MS Alliance Meeting for Support
November 9, at Noon

Mountain Empire MS Support Group Meeting

Mountain Empire MS Support Group Meeting
Saturday, December 4
Time: 12:30 to 4:00p.m.

Holiday Gala

Holiday Gala December 11th, 2021

MSAV Holiday Edition Cookbook

  We need your holiday recipes. Valentine’s day, Easter, Halloween, Hanukkah, Christmas whatever Holiday. Send in one for each if you want. Send your favorites to or to Let's make this a great little book. We need at least 150 recipes for our...