Bike the US for MS Boosts MS Alliance of Virginia with Day of Service and Generosity

Bike the US for MS, a non-profit dedicated to combating multiple sclerosis through cross-country cycling events, recently demonstrated its commitment to local communities by partnering with the MS Alliance of Virginia (MSAV).

On a recent Saturday, the Bike the US for MS team made a significant impact at the MSAV office in the Roanoke Area MS Center. The team’s enthusiasm and dedication were evident as they tackled various projects to enhance the office environment. Suzanne Oconnell, president and founder of MSAV, expressed her gratitude, noting the immediate positive transformation of the space. 

Those folks are awesome! I truly believe they are Heaven sent!!!

Katie Meyer


Our office looks fabulous. The minute they arrived, they jumped out of their vehicles and began making things happen.

Suzanne Oconnell

President/Founder with MS, MSAV


The team’s efforts extended beyond the office, as they visited the home of Teri and Jeff Burks, completing vital repairs and painting their handicap ramp. Teri shared her appreciation for the team’s compassion and generosity, highlighting the profound impact their visit had on her.

The MSAV recognizes the profound impact of this partnership, not only through the physical improvements but also through the financial support that will further enable the organization to serve individuals living with MS in the area. Bike the US for MS continues to make a tangible difference in the lives of those affected by MS through its multifaceted approach, combining fundraising, awareness-raising, and direct community service.


“What an honor to have them with us today! I was blessed to be treated to ramp repair and new paint from the ‘all so giving’ warriors from the nationally known Bike the US for MS. Their presence restored my faith in humanity. These folks painted in 98 degree weather….”. 


Teri Burks


Since 2007, the Bike the US for MS alumni family has raised over $3.3 million by biking across the US. During rest days, cyclists complete service projects for individuals living with MS, such as mulching, painting, gardening, and more. Their core values of making a positive impact, safety, and having fun are evident in their work.

To learn more about Bike the US for MS, visit their website or follow them on social media.



I wasn’t there until 2:00, but the bikers were still working when I arrived. As I was being shown what they had done, I was beyond impressed. They had gotten so much done in such a short span of time; things that had been on the “To-Do” list for a while. Every biker made it their mission to assist the MSAV in any way possible. It was astonishing to see how much good could be done in one afternoon through the bikers’ generous donation of time, energy, and funds. I speak for so many when I say groups like Bike the US for MS are truly a blessing. 


Makenzie Stovall


Special photo credits go to Darlene Long, Teri Burks and Laura Cross

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MS Alliance Office Hours

The MS Alliance of Virginia’s office is located at 431 Apperson Drive in Salem, VA inside the Roanoke Area MS Center. We try to keep it staffed from 9-4, but we have MS and life is unpredictable – you may call 540-404-1167 if you wish to verify someone will be in the office on those days.

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