Types of MS

Relapsing Remitting MS

In Relapsing Remitting MS, which is the most commonly diagnosed form of MS, you will experience neurological episodes, (attacks, relapses, exacerbations), which can last at least 24 hours or longer. Those symptoms will then subside, or remit, and you will experience remission. The length of time between relapses varies from person to person, and you may experience partial or complete recovery from symptoms.

Most people, 85%, start off with this type of MS. While a MS diagnosis was certainly not on your bucket list, you are fortunate to be diagnosed at a time where there are 15 or more disease modifying treatment options available to attempt to keep your MS from progressing. Your neurologist will work with you to determine the best treatment plan for your life style, your medical history, and your specific set of symptoms. It is imperative that you are as honest as possible with your medical team so that you can come up with a treatment plan that you will be most likely to be successful and diligent in maintaining.

Progressive MS

It is important to note that because there is only one disease modifying treatment on the market currently for Progressive MS, many neurologists are reluctant to officially declare this diagnosis for you. This because you then can be limited in medication options allowed by various insurance carriers. Try not to get hung up on the official diagnosis, but rather, your treatment plan with your medical team.

Progressive MS means that you either have much longer periods between remissions with worsening of neurological symptoms and less recovery between relapses, or very brief periods of remission. About 15% of people diagnosed with MS start with this form of MS, and over time, people with Relapsing Remitting can move into this type as well. Increasing disability is much more common and noticeable with Progressive MS.

No matter the type of MS you have, there is so much available today to help improve quality of life, whether it be with medications, mobility equipment, exercise programs to help functioning, or a support environment like we have here in the Roanoke Valley. Be sure to Contact Us to let us lead you to services and programs that are available to make your life with MS more manageable and hook you up with people who “get it”.