Loaner Closet



The MS Alliance has a loaner closet, located at our office inside the MS Center for people living with Multiple Sclerosis. The contents of the loaner closet are gently used items that have been graciously donated by people living in our community, many with MS.  We save one portable scooter to lend to people wanting to travel to places that may include extensive walking, like amusement parks, cruises, antique fairs, etc. or perhaps you don’t need a scooter or chair all of the time, but you have surgery or an exacerbation that requires a temporary mobility aid. other items in the Loaner Closet include: Walkers, Shower Chairs, Bedside Bathroom Chairs, Canes or Crutches and some adult personal care items available. If you have to pay for adult incontinence aids, we have several packages of adult diapers donated to us at the office that you may  pick up and have.

Our inventory fluctuates throughout the year, based on the need and generous donations.  If you would like to donate medical equipment that you no longer need, in good and safe condition, contact us by calling (540) 404-2243 or send us an email with details on how we can contact you to