Although I’ve been living what I refer to as a “healthy life with multiple sclerosis” for quite a few years now, a serious medical complication coupled with New Year’s resolution time had me looking for a better way to cope with symptoms of multiple sclerosis (MS) and issues of broader well-being. The roadblocks to reaching beyond my own abilities and understanding are real, and they are significant. I live 45 minutes away from the nearest neurologist in a country with no MS-specializing doctors. Many rural physiotherapists are unfamiliar with the particular needs of people with multiple sclerosis. In short, if you desire to live your best life with MS here, you’re going to have to take a large portion of the burden onto yourself. I suppose that many factors besides where one lives could have a similar effect. One’s financial resources, transportation situation, and overall support network could have many of the same results. To read in its entirety Click the link : Everyday Health