The Multiple Sclerosis Alliance of Virginia, in partnership with the Community Foundation serving Western Virginia, is pleased to participate once again in Roanoke Valley Gives Day on 3/13/19.

A recently released study confirms that 1 million Americans have this incurable disease, easily double the long-accepted figure of 400,000.  This is no longer a rare disease.  “What this means is that we have to work harder, because there’s more of a need than we had realized,” said Nick LaRocca, vice-president of healthcare, delivery and policy research for the NMSS.  “For people living with MS, it means we have a larger constituency, and that we have clarified something important about the nature of MS as a medical condition.”

With March being MS Awareness Month, the MSAV is combining two of its major fundraising drives, our 365 Club Drive and Roanoke Valley Gives.  We gratefully request anytime between now and midnight on March 13th, anyone who wants to support someone with MS go to, select MSAV as the charity, mark 3/13/2019 as the processing date and use the credit card of their choice to make their donation. 

The MS Alliance of Virginia was formed four years ago precisely to deal with the day to day needs of our local MS community.  As new people are being diagnosed and those dealing with the disease every day face new challenges, this organization is here to offer education to them, their care partners, their family and friends.  We guide people through the maze of health care towards organizations that can assist with special needs, services, financial assistance, medical needs such as MRI’s or help offsetting the high cost Disease Modifying Treatments, ramps and other mobility assistive technology.  The need is great and based on the numbers we are seeing in our community, growing  rapidly.

We greatly appreciate any donation you can make to support people with MS.