Zoom is a video conferencing tool for virtual meetings and hangouts. It can be used for work and to live-stream things like classes while we’re all in self-isolation. Like Skype or Face-time, Zoom allows you to see the users in a chat face-to-face, on a phone, tablet, or computer. As many as 100 participants can join a Zoom conference at once!

To Download Zoom

Zoom is a free platform, which means it can be accessed on any device with an app store. You can download it from the app store on your phone, on your computer, or on a tablet. You can download Zoom from the Apple Store if you have iOS or on Google Play if you have an Android. If you have an iPhone, click “get” and then open once the app downloads; if you have an Android, click “install” then open the app once it’s finished downloading.Alternatively, you can download Zoom for your computer by visiting Zoom’s online Download Zoom